• Electrical Audit
  • Project Engineering (Elect. /Mech.)
  • Consulting Engineering(Elect. /Mech.)
  • Customized Product Development
  • Process Engineering
  • Procurement Engineering
  • Design Engineering

An electrical audit is simply an audit or calculation of how much electricity you are using in your home & industries. An electricity audit can help you to identify waste so that you can resolve the problems that are causing you to use more electricity than necessary. Thus helping to control cost and damage to environment.

Electrical Energy Audit consists of studying, assessing, Measuring and Analysing electrical utilities. In typical plant the electrical utilities consist of

  • Substations and transformers
  • Power distribution system(PCC/MCC)
  • Metering & Monitoring System
  • Motors
  • Blowers , ID/ FD Fans
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Lighting

Project engineering bridges the boundaries between engineering and project management.

  • Translate client requirements into practical terms
  • Prioritising and organising project task within timeline
  • Ensuring project meets
  • Identifying problems & their solutions
  • To checkproject ideas viability
  • To identify technical, operational, economical boundary conditions
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental Impact studies
  • Requirement gathering
  • Requirement analysis
  • If automation involved than automation study
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Identify process requirements
  • Preparation of road map for process roll out
  • Collect necessary tools and prepare jigs and fixtures
  • Process evaluation
  • Process control programme
  • Review process to operate and / or maintain product quality
  • Identification of purchase requisition
  • Competitive price quotation
  • Comparison schedules
  • Finalizing quality and quantity
  • Latest update with market development

Designing involved to understand electrical as well as mechanical requirement of the end user. So that best possible solution obtained to give satisfactory product to the customer.

  • Study of customer requirement
  • Electrical calculation and load study
  • Panel fabrication based on application (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Our panels comply IP42, IP55 and IP65 with class CS environment, ATEX and NEMA
  • Fixed and draw out type panels
  • Panels comply with electrical standards such as IEC and ANSI


  • Development of PASS LCC for ABB, Savli.
  • Development of LCC of GCB (ABB, SWITZLAND).
  • Development of LCC of DTB for ABB, USA.
  • Development of test setup for GIS ABB, Savli.
  • Development of test setup for LTB ABB, Maneja.
  • Development of 1200 kv marshalling box for PGCIL.
  • Development of cable Harnesses for GIS ABB, Savli.
  • Railway Signalling for Automatic Track Management system.
  • Development of PASS LCC for KPCL and GETCO Projects of ABB, Savli.
  • Development of Marshalling Box of (3+1) change over breaker system for PGCIL.
  • Development of control unit of Nozzle burst test drive for interrupter ABB, Maneja.